Pierre Johnson, Overland Park, KS

“My experience here at Low Vision Midwest has changed my life significantly.  Dr. Broyles & his team welcomed me with open arms!  LVM is ready to provide you with professional eye care services in a comfortable and compassionate environment. Personally, Dr. Broyles has helped me not give up “hope”.  After all those years of wasting my time going to other eye care, it led me to him and his team.  I am humble and grateful to be able to have Doc as my OD now!  There are options now!!”


Donna Kingman, Platte City, MO

“Dr. Broyles fitted me with telescopic eyewear which enable me to watch TV and see the faces of my great grandchildren when they visit. The portable electronic magnifier he introduced me to works great for reading recipes, menus and price tags. I am grateful to Dr Broyles for broadening my visual world. He took his time with me, listening to my struggles and concerns, before fitting me with appropriate eyewear and equipment. I appreciate knowing Dr. Broyles. He has made my world brighter.”

Ann Turpin

Ann Turpin, MO

“I use my telescopic glasses to read and play bridge and wow—they really work well.”

Father James McInerney, Kansas City, MO

“I have low vision due to macular degeneration and a degenerative cornea condition. Even after a partial cornea transplant surgery, I was still unable to read small print. My eye doctor referred me to Dr. Ryan Broyles. The glasses that Dr. Broyles prescribed for my low vision are very helpful. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Broyles if you have low vision problems.”

Marion Jantz, Richards, MO

“I’ve been able to retain my drivers license, that means so much to me.”

Marion Jantz

Charles Smith, Kansas City, MO

“After one year of use, I still find my telescopic glasses useful for driving and watching television. My eyesight has not improved, but I can see road signs and traffic much better with these glasses.”

James Clement, Springfield, MO

“I found Dr. Broyles online and gave him a call. He called me back personally and we discussed my vision . I made an appointment and after seeing him in the office, I realized that I had met a friend. He’s not just a doctor but a doctor that really cares. He gave me a low vision examination and recommended special glasses that have helped me greatly, especially at a distance. Dr Broyles is there anytime I have questions and is more than happy to give his best opinion. I highly recommend Dr Broyles for any low vision problems that you might have.”

Marsha Dale and her mother Waneta Kneuven, Platte City, MO

Marsha Dale wrote this after bringing her mother in to see Dr. Broyles in 2011:
“My sister read an article on Dr. Ryan Broyles and his work with macular degeneration. Mom has been to many doctors over the years and nothing seemed to help her. We wondered if we should put our 92 year-old mother through this check-up. We debated; would this be our miracle doctor? My sister, siter-in-law and I took Mom to her appointment. Dr Broyles was so caring with us and our Mother. He worked with Mom, trying special lenses and making sure she was comfortable during the examination. Then he moved over and asked her ‘What can you see?’ Her answer to him was ‘I can see their faces!’ She was referring to the three people sitting in front of her wiping tears of joy from their eyes. She is now recognizing people and seeing things she hasn’t seen in years and what a blessing for her and for us.”

92 year old Waneta Kneuven.

“These glasses are wonderful; I use them everyday!”

Waneta Chrisjohn

Winona Chrisjohn, Kansas City, MO

“I haven’t read the newspaper this well in years, and I can recognize people so much better with my glasses too.”

Mary Flescher, Saint Joseph, MO

“I love my glasses I use them to watch television and I can even see to do my needlework.”